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Abomi-Stick is a Half Fighter, Half Abomination Character with a Camo'ish Color and Dark Red Border, He has Dark Red Pupils and Red Eyes. (and with a Tooth Sticking Out!)

The Reason he became an Abomination was due to the fact that His friends called him Ugly, and looked like a monster, making him sad...and out for blood.


Bloodlust + - 50,000 Score - 15 % More Damage.

Bloodlust ++ - 100,000 Score - 30% More Damage!



Danage +++ On Pills! Its an achievement Upgrade, and Abomi-Stick is Post Game. Meaning the Achievement is ALSO only recommended to get at post game.


This character was originaly going to be a Fire User, but i messed up his Arms alot, so...yeah!

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