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After you finished StAlec's Slusholigy lessons, you can come here to take "Advanced Slusholigy" Lessons.

What you learnEdit

Since It's ADVANCED Slusholigy lessons, it won't be that easy. Get it?

Your very first lessonEdit

First, You will have to past a test, which is about Slusholigy Lessons. If you pass the test, it indicates you did a good job. Your first lesson will be about their eye color.

Second lessonEdit

Then you will learn about they're power and weapons. (For Ex: What is Stickwart's gun?)

Third LessonEdit

You will learn about the game: They're upgrades, the difference between regular and NG+.

Fourth LessonEdit

Still, the game. This time it's about they're attack pattern and which level are the fighters unlocked, and the level's bonus objective. You will also have to tell me what they're ultra attack do and how many Slush Tokens will cost it.

Fifth LessonEdit

This is the last lesson. You will get a test that has all the previous lessons combined. there are 16 random questions. Get 60% right and you past, and 95% percent to be a teacher.

Call StiCarson to attend.

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