Alastick, the Spectral Blade(Alastor) is a lime green stickman with a green border. Killed by an evil warrior with a cursed mace, Alastick turned into a spectre, becoming a ghostly form and losing his legs. He wears a black cloak with a hood that is constantly covering his face, and the cloak goes down to where his knees would have been. Alastick can use most ghost powers.

Personality Edit

Alastick is mysterious, keeping away from most of society. He is only close to a certain few he knew in living.

Past Edit

Alastick used to be a great warrior. He was a champion of dueling and tournaments. One day, he ran into Big Blue, pre-Slush Invaders events. He challenged BigBoi to a fight, only to lose. Big Blue disposed of him, throwing him into a dungeon that he ended up forgetting about. Alastick stayed there for several years, feeding off the immense amount of food left there by BB. Eventually, he was found by someone.

Powers Edit

Because he is a spectre, Alastick cannot be damaged by most physical attacks. Magic, however, can still harm him, for example Hunter's red electricity or Skpcboy's fire. Alastick can fly and perform various ghost abilities, for example making people scared, possession, invisibility, and freezing. However, he uses these ghost powers sparingly, preferring to use an ethereal sword as a primary method of attack.

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