Tree Hugger.....sort of.... Edit

Our brave and trecherous heroes have battled long and hard. They have been overwhelmed by an oversized turkey, they have had their friends captured, and they have had to battle two other stickmen. Now all they want to do is have some fun...

"Hey, Stam" said StIvan. Stam turned and raised his eyebrows. "How many trees do you think I can smash in one go?"

"Too little too notice" replied Stam.

"You sure???"

"Yeah, and besides, what are you going to use?" asked StAdam. StIvan pointed behind him to a certain green stickman trailing behind, staring at the sky in amazement and counting the stars (Even thought it's daytime, lul). StIvan grabbed Nub by the face and threw him into the trees. And what was the result I hear you ask? Well i'll show you!


Notes Edit


(Okay I couldn't think of a plot line for Autumnus and I didn't want to skip it so I just did a 'mini episode'. Let me know if you want me to do more of these or something else. Suggestions and Feedback are always appreciated! Also who doesn't want more Nub?)