Undead Refund Edit

The figure was getting closer towards the defenders and so they were getting ready for a fight. The figure stopped. It held it's hand out to Stam so he pulled it closer. Out of the darkness came a blue stickman with a white gun.

"Arrgh! A drab!" exclaimed StIvan.

"Guys!" exclaimed Stam, "It's Strab!"

"How do we know we can trust you?" asked Stonic.

"I saved Stam during the invasion, I ganged up on BigBlue and I beat all these blues. Happy?" replied Strab.

"I guess....." said Stonic, still skeptical about him. Suddenly, out of the blue (see what I did there?), blue fog surrounded the defenders. Their feet were covered in fog and more zomblues came.

"What's going on?" questioned StAdam, as a ginormous blue claw shot out of the ground. This was then followed by another claw, and then a giant pumpkin head with glowing blue eyes. The claw then grabbed Strab and devoured him. The monster burped out blue, toxic gas.

"We still wont back away from this challenge!" Shouted StIvan. A green stickman could be seen behind him running and flailing his arms about shouting, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!"

"Again? Really?" said StIvan.

Notes Edit

A wild Ether Lord has appeared. What do you do?

  • Fight
  • Bag
  • Pokemon Slush Defender
  • Run

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