Trick Or Treat Edit

After their smashing time in Autumnus, the gang sent out to the Haunted Turf to try and see if they can rescue anyone there. Their journey is delayed, however, by some blues that have been turned into zombies and cannot be hurt, but can turn back to normal once they hit someone.

"Pffft" said StIvan, "Zombie blues? More like, Zomblues."


"Tell me again as to why we invited him." said Stonic.

"Nub has power. He just doesn't realise it yet," replied StAdam "I mean just look at you! You were born on an island yet we still welcomed you with open arms." explained StAdam.

"I don't see your point here," said Stonic.

"The point is that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do. You still know how to fight because you are a stickman. Heck, the colour you were born as determines your power. Black = A.*.*.W.I.P.E, red = something with limbs/pyrokinesis, pink = Pyrokinesis, green = Water, orange = Strength/pyrokinisis, blue = Speed/water are all just examples of powers." (reference = cookie :3) explained StAdam.

"*Rood" Corrected Stonic



"So, Stacey, how was it like to be trapped inside the cube?" asked Stam.

"It was.....the opposite of nice." replied Stacey


"Gasp!" said Stacey as she felt hurt deep inside. The gang were still walking when suddenly, oversized pumpkins sprouted from the ground and flew at the defenders. Stam started to slice them all, over and over again.

"Where are these coming from?" Questioned Stam tiringly. Then, in the distance, they saw some blues running towards them, but not to attack them. They ran in fear. They looked closer to see a blue holding a gun and it was coming straight for them....

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