The Alternate Alternate Universe Edit

Our heroes have had a long day and would like to rest. Nub suggested sleeping on the pitch but StIvan punched him so now he is sleeping on the pitch alone. The rest decided to stay at a nearby residence until the morning. However, Striker isn't quite finished with them yet...

Slusher residence - Midday

Striker runs in after being teleported and heads straight to the main office. Striker kicked the door open to see a blue stickman who was waiting patiently for him.

"This better not be one of your jokes"

"Trust me, it's not", the stickman eyed Striker as he sat down to listen to what he had to say.

"I was at the pitch and I just finished my game of football so naturally i went to the changing rooms to talk to the rest of the players." explained Striker. "When suddenly, I was brought outside by the guard and I saw four stickmen who had apparently beaten up the guard." The stickman edged closer on his seat as he found this interesting. "I thought they wanted to become the star player until they told me they were looking for someone"

"Aaaaannndddd?" questioned the stickman.

"They were looking for BigBlue" said Striker. The stickman got up in surprise and out of his back grew a third arm which pushed him towards the wall.

"We disbanded BigBlue and his army ages ago....there's no way he's back"

"But he is!" exclaimed Striker. The stickman let go and returned his arm into his back.

"Where are the four stickmen headed now?" asked the stickman.

"The lake most likely" replied Striker

"Call Ibrahim"


"JUST DO IT BILAL" shouted the stickman. Striker left the room but as he left he asked something.

"Why wont you call us by our slush names?"

"Why wont you call me Omari?"

"See ya Quad!" said Striker with a smile on his face. The door shut and Quad sat down.

"This cant be happening again...."