This is Annhilation. he's gonna Destroy Everything.

Annhilation is one of the Most Dangerous and Destructive Weapons created by Stick-Kind. it's currently Manned by Stick Leon. the guy who can even Wield 2 of them when he enters Cyborg Technology Mode.

Forged by the Toughest Steels, and Fused with the Power of Destruction, it can do Inhuman Things, that may even seem Godly.. (oh yeah, it glows Orange too.)

Leon can use this blade for Heavy Swipes and Slashes, and has a variety of Powers, they Include :

  • The Charge of Destruction
  • Destructo Beam
  • Summon Cyclops
  • Omega Rift (Screen Clear, Wrecks Everything)
  • Smash of Destruction
  • Shadow's Rift (Wielder's Speed Increased Immensly for a bit.)
  • Death's Sacrifice (Recovers Lots of Wielder's Wounds for a few seconds, while Lowering Defence, Attack and Speed.)
  • Taunt of Destruction (Gives Wielder High Defence, and forces enemies to attack wielder.)
  • Polymorph
  • One's Meteor (Combines Strength with all of the Wielder's allies, and throws a Gigantic Meteor at Enemies)
  • Leon's Fury (Instantly Kills a group of 10 Enemies!)
  • Master Strike
  • God's Fury (Same thing as Leon's Fury, just looks Different)
  • Dragon of Darkness (turns wielder into a Very Powerful Demon Dragon For a Bit. Immense Strength.)

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