You've been backstabbed

First Appearance

Christmas Special


Animating, drawing, playing Team Fortress 2


Money, illuminati, YouTube, Pokemon, Counter Strike, Slush Invaders, Darude Sandstorm


Pie, Valentine's Day, Homework, Haters, Lag

YouTube Channel

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Full Name

Austin illuminati Ahn

Birth Date

January 13th, 1337 B.C.









eicyz ejom mahcok
— Austin
This is Austin01:01

This is Austin

Friends Edit

Chakatan Edit

- Austin spends a lot of time with Chakatan by drawing pictures together, chatting on FaceBook, and much more. They also sometimes decide to take part in collab animations, where they animate Vince, Drew, and others. They have a strong relationship and have not been in a single argument. There are also days when they play Team Fortress 2 together. Chakatan also enjoys eating pies together with Austin, even though Austin hates pies.

Shaden Edit

- Austin and Shaden don't take each other very seriously. They like to joke around a lot and like to spam on the Slush Invaders chat room server. Austin and Shaden, along with Drew, like to post picture of the infamous "Sticorebola" In many animations, you can see that Shaden is mostly near Austin all the time.

Drew Edit

- As said above, Austin and Drew like to mess around with "Sticorebola" Drew likes to play a lot of games with Austin, especially the first person shooters. Although Drew can be a fun guy sometimes, he sometimes get annoyed and angry with Austin. There have been many recurrences where Austin spams so much where it makes Drew's computer lag so much that he can't even play any games on his computer.

Vince Edit

- Vince always has a problem in his life. Whether it's saving the world over and over again or confirming illuminati, Vince always succeeds by overcoming his problems. Most of the time, Austin tries his best to make Vince feel as good and relaxed as possible. Austin always respects Vince as a great artist and spends at least 1 hour a day browsing on Vince's Stick Figure stories. Vince can also be very mad sometimes and even almost end up hurting his friends. Even though he is angry and silent most of the time, he frequently has a happy attitude toward his friends.

Other Sources Edit

You can also find Austin on these different sites:

Steam Profile:


Deviant Art Profile:

Trivia Edit

  • he died

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