Bandit is a light brown stick and a young adventurer who left his home village to explore the world and combat evil.


Bandit firing a bullet from his hand

Backstory Edit

Bandit lived in a small countryside village. One day he saw some stickmen fighting off a giant alien mech with awesome powers. After they left, he went to the wreckage and salvaged some alien technology. Wondering how it worked he started to tinker with it. He started to wonder how the guns it had worked, since there were no visible barrels. He found it created bullets by extracting material from its surroundings. He tried to integrate this into a brain scanner. After lots of usage by messing around and shooting things with his hand, he collapsed in his house. He woke up 3 days later in medical care and he was told the headgear he was wearing damaged his brain. But that wasnt the end. He soon found he could still create bullets out of thin air, because the alien technology had bonded with his brain! He decided to leave home to use his powers to do good like the heroes he heard about and had seen as a child.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Bandit can use surrounding materials to create bullets and fire them. He usually uses his hand for more precise firing. He can fire the bullets semi auto, as a shotgun blast, or as in rapid fire, sustained or in bursts. He is also a very good engineer and pilot, and a great shot with guns.

Weaknesses Edit

He is ok in close combat, but not super good. He also cant fire when there are telekinetic disturbances or an EMP. He cant fire from his head since it will overload the technology in his brain. And the more bullets he makes or the bigger ones he makes, the more energy he uses up.

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