Beatstick is a Black and light-blue bordered stickman who always has an MP3 player in his pocket and a headset with him, BeatStick can't do anything normally but by listening to music, He can fight and can gain abilities depending on the music he listens to

Story Edit

[Yeah... I Got nothin on this part, So just wait]

Abilities Edit

BeatStick is just an ordinary human, but is able to fight while listening to music, and can create a fighting style depending on the type of music he listens to, He can also incorporate dance moves on to some of them.on certain songs, He can also gain abilities thanks to the MUSIX Core.

Genres Edit

  • Hard Rock/Death Metal - While Listening to hard rock music, Beatstick becomes merciless and attacks all fighters in sight, BeatStick only listens to this during emergencies, where he needs to go on the offensive. His friends usually panic when A Hard Rock Song
  • Electronic - BeatStick's movements become robotic and his combos go into the beat of the song he's currently listening to
  • Pop/J-Pop - While Listening to Pop Music, Depending on the mood of the song, His Movements and attacks become Bouncy and Fast, or Calm and Slowed down
  • Classical - BeatStick listens to this while concentrating and making strategies, Never while battling unless someone is holding his enemies off, His particular favorite among this genre is Pachabel's Canon in D. He also uses this to relax

Personality Edit

BeatStick is kind to almost anybody around him, but is a bit selfish, His personality also changes depending on the type of music he listens to,listening Hard Rock makes him a hot head,listening to electronic makes him act like a robot,Listening to Pop makes him happy, J-pop makes him super happy and bouncy, almost like an anime girl (His friends usually change the MP3 when they realize a J-Pop song is being played). And Classical makes him act relaxed

In the Launcher game Edit

[Yeah... I Got nothin on this part, So just wait]

[I'll Add more stuff When I Get Ideas!]

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