Berzerker Corporation, or just Berzerker Corps, is an organization with one goal: conquer Earth. Like the Slush Invaders, they rely on large armies of troops to achieve their goals. Unlike the invaders, however, Berzerker Corps uses clones of fighters rather than brainwash innocents. The corporation will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, which is why they will ally themselves with the Slush Fighters or any groups related to them from time to time, usually to wipe out a rival in their way of taking over Earth.


Straight from the start of the organization's founding, the CEO immediately called for plans to take over Earth. Despite manipulation of the public and organized crime, the corporation found itself with less than 5% progress in its goal achieved. Everyone thought that the corporation was doomed, until the invasion of Slusher Wing occurred. Someone over at the corporation had an idea from the incident: create clones of powerful fighters to conquer Earth by force. Cloning was an illegal process, however, so the company decided it was best for them to make themselves underground. Since then, the corporation faded into the shadows, out of the sight of the general public who were convinced that they had fallen. This gave the corporation the opportunity they needed to carry out their operations without persecution. While the Slush Fighters fight for justice, clones of them are being made by the thousands, soon to be unleashed into the world...

Notable Members/ClonesEdit

Many of Berzerker Corporation's clones are practically identical to their original counterparts, save for strict obedience to the company. However, there are a few that become much different than their real selves.

Captain Scottick (SCT-101)Edit

SCT-101 was a mistake clone of Scottick. Instead of being able to copy other fighters, he just gained bossiness and idiocy. After getting disowned by the corporation for being too annoying, he gathered some clones together and made his own Team Revenge. This team's performance is far worse than the original's, mostly due to Captain Scottick's said idiocy. In fact, he's only fighting with the Slush Fighters just to get his uniform cap back.


X-Japan is a subdivision of Berzerker Corps. located in Japan, led by Stwarm. Out of all the Berzerker Corps. bases and subdivisions, X-Japan has had the biggest effect on Team Revenge, and was one of the largest bases in the whole corporation.


Notes from Scottick: These are all Slush Fighters I have made up and created. Apart from Scottick, none of them are based off anyone I know. Also, please do not edit this page without Scottick's permission.

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