Stick Julie is a medic style character with a white fill and a sky-blue outline wearing a nurses cap. Her abilities and powers are mostly related to the healing arts (first aid, CPR, surgury, ect.), but she is capable of defending herself using the medicical equipment at her disposal (one of the few times a nurse delibrately causes pain while giving a shot). Julie mainly studies at Stick Pritchard and aspires to eventually rise up the ranks of the doctor world and do something other than listen to her fellow students gripe about the Blues' poor decorating skills.


Basic DescriptionEdit

  • Heals 20% of <adjacent> allies total health
  • Limited health

Emergency AidEdit

Stick Julie now heals 40% of an allies' total health and recharges 10% faster

Blood DonationEdit

Unlocks an input attack where Stick Julie grabs several hypodermic needles and attacks an enemy, first causing damage, then causing stun, and finally drawing out some blood. If the attack succedes, Julie next healing recieves a buff that restores 75% of the allies' health.

Super Medkit (Bonus Objective)Edit

Stick Julie now heals every ally with limited health (including herself)

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