BinaryERRORStick is a black stickman entirely covered in a and surrounded in a cloud of binary ones and zeroes who possess the power of shapeshifting and (to some degree) technokinisis. To attack, he'll carefully analyze the battlefield situation then morph into whatever is best suited for the situation at hand. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Similar to DD, BinaryERRORStick is very analytical and prefers tactical combat over brute force. Therefore, he rarely fires the first shot, and always waits to see how the opponent fights before fully engaging in the battle. When fighting, the binary symbols around him will glower brighter and orbit him faster, allowing him to morph into a variety of shapes and forms. However, he can not morph into multiple objects at once, and while the binary symbols around him will constantly regenerate, he himself can still be hit. Since he is the main source of the symbols, recieving damage will cause the binary to temporarily stop appearing. This is directly linked to how severe the damage is.


Rapid ReflexEdit

BinaryERRORstick's analytical period is decreased by 30 percent, making the wait period shorter and the attack period longer.

Maximum MorphingEdit

Binary's attack period becomes even longer and he now has a wider variety of forms he can morph into.

ERROR 64 (bonus objective)Edit

When activated, Binary has a 25% chance to spawn a cloud of coding that slows down enemies and severely decreases their accuracy.


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