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Blue Stick is a Custom Boss in the Slush Invaders Player Made Game. He has 2 swords With a Blue Blade.

He WAS the 4th Boss, after The CompaSticks. but was Scrapped. He is also incredibly Strong!

Blue Stick

Here he is...bad as ever. Wait. what did you say? Its just Paint?


Blue Stick is A scrapped boss, but WAS planned to be in the Fanmade Bosses. but was replaced by The Steel Stick Giant.

He has many Attacks.

Here's ALL OF THEM! (Some may be Removed For Data Purposes)

  • Sends out 5 Blues to join the Battle.
  • Shields himself with his Swords, taking 3 Hits to Take Down.
  • Sends a Massive Energy Beam at you with his Swords.
  • Painful Combos!
  • Charges at you with Swords ~ Can be Deflected!
  • Throws His Yellow Encrusted Daggers at you.
  • Heals Himself every 10 1000 HP. (50 if its like Paper Mario)
  • OHKO Move When His HP is around 100! (Rare) (20 if Its like Paper Mario)
  • Throws A ball of Lighting at you, Stunning you!
  • Summons a Giant Sword to Deal a Preset of 250 Damage. (20 if its like Paper Mario)
  • Summons 2 Drabs to Fight for Him
  • Orders a Cannon To Fire a MASSIVE Fireball!

Thats alot of Darned Attacks.

Way of the Dagger ACHIEVEMENTEdit

This is a Simple, BUT HARD achievement to Grab, basically, you have to DEFEAT Blue Stick to get it.

And Blue Stick aint' Easy. Being an IMPORTANT Blue Fighter Next to General Blue.

Earning the Way of the Dagger Achievement Will Unlock Stick Leon, who is actually Blue Stick Himself.

OHKO? OH NO KO! AchievementEdit

Limitied Time achievement. only able to Be earned by Blue Stick, to Earn it, You have to Try to use an OHKO attack on him. in doing so, Blue Stick Rebels by OHKOing Your Party Members, resulting in an Instant Lose. (Achievement Saves!)


Stick Leon Has Daggers while Blue Stick has Swords, But for some Reason, IT IS Stick Leon.

It is Unknown if Blue Stick is actually a second in command, since he can Order a Cannon to fire a Fireball at the player, summon Blues, and summon Drabs.

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