Story Edit

Cosmico was born as a kid stick. During his childhood, he is seen fighting with his friend, Slice 'n Dice. However, Slice was fully protoganist, while Cosmico was a semi-protoganist. Cosmico is 8 yrs. old, but his intellegence and strengh was very high, including his speed. After unlocking Slice 'n Dice, Cosmico will also be unlocked.

Apearance Edit

Cosmico has a black inline color, a blue outling, a black aura surrounds him. He has blue eyes, and he has a left robot arm, a right robot fist wich both use the power of Blue Technology.

Upgrades Edit

Plasma comet - Cosmico will fire a plasma comet, wich he can drag around, damaging anyone his comet passes on, wich gives the player an easier time defeating the enemies.

Black hole - Cosmico's Ultra Attack. He will explode, come back as a full stickman again, only for the player to find a GIAGANTIC black hole, wich sucks in all the enemies on the screen. While the level last, the black hole stays there, even better making big blue fly through through the the center of the screen, making big blue stay in the air, until the the end of the level. This Ultra Attack is a level 4 ultra, which is worth it as the Ultra is very strong.

Atomic Stickman - Cosmico will have a blue aura around him, which means he is activating his atomic powers. After that, his attacks will always have blue dots, wich are the atoms, making his attacks one trillion trillion times more powerful. This relies on the fission of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, rather like how an atomic bomb works.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Cosmico turns his light into visible light, infrared, gamma, x - ray, radio and microwaves, which can damage the enemies, the most damage coming from gamma rays.

Trivia Edit


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