The CyBlues, or Cyber Blues, are robotic Slush Invaders made from dying Blues to save on troops. There are 4 types of CyBlues.


Electro-Blues are Blues that have mechanical arms with electric claws. Just like regular Blues, the Electro-Blues attack by punching incoming Slush Fighters. Unlike Blues, however, Electro-Blues paralyze the fighter they attack. This either drains all the fighter's recharge time or slowly drains their health momentarily. The Electro-Blues are surprisingly more fragile than regular Blues.

Laser BluesEdit

Laser Blues have a mechanical head that contains its brain. Laser Blues fire long range lasers from their head that target and damage nearby targets. Because their head is mechanical, Laser Blues can aim at any direction, even in front of them. Their attack is unstoppable, but attacking them will delay the laser.

SD BluesEdit

SD (Self-Destruct) Blues are mostly mechanical Blues that contain only parts of the Blue's former body. When attacked even slightly, SD Blues self-destruct, damaging everything (including other Slush Invaders) in its range. If left unattended for too long, SD Blues will ram into the nearest Slush Fighter and explode. Their explosive nature leaves them best dealt with using long range attacks.

Armor BluesEdit

Armor Blues are entirely mechanical Blues, with the exception of the brain taken from a Blue whose body was modified as a SD Blue. Armor Blues have high defenses as well as stronger power than regular Blues. However, they are much slower and attack at a slow rate. Should a player target one immediately with high attacks, an Armor Blue will fall without attacking once.


Notes from Scottick: These are all works I have made up and created. Apart from Scottick, none of them are based off any real-life people. Also, please do not edit this page without Scottick's permission.

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