Well, I remember saying a while back I might do a song list or something.

Well here it is. Enjoy?

Fragment's Note and Fragment's Note 2 OST/BGM Edit



Yeah, this is important enough for me to give it a completely different category.

As most of you guys know, my waifu Yukitsuki Asaka is from this series. So, naturally, its soundtrack had a heavy impact on me personally.

If I had to pick out the most meaningful one, it would be at around 7:04 or so, because... uh... (Explanation required still... someday I'll add one... someday. ~.~)

The Hymn of Acxiom (Vienna Teng) Edit

Vienna Teng - The Hymn of Acxiom - Lyrics03:50

Vienna Teng - The Hymn of Acxiom - Lyrics


So my AP Literature teacher showed our class this song (since we're studying George Orwell's 1984).

There's a lot of thought in this song. After I heard it, it was stuck in my head for quite a while.

At first I thought it was almost kinda sweet, but...

Theme Songs Edit

Hataraku Maou-sama! OST - Parallel Universe02:00

Hataraku Maou-sama! OST - Parallel Universe

Possible theme song for Yuusuke "Zero" Hayashi.

Songs I'm considering making "theme songs" for various characters. Will be updated as ideas pop up.

I have no idea how TRS pulled off what he did with the formatting.










Other Stuff Edit

Stuff I like. You can figure out what's serious and what's a joke by yourself, right?

「フェアリーフェンサーエフ」 OST - The Carefree Man01:38

「フェアリーフェンサーエフ」 OST - The Carefree Man

Blur - Parklife03:24

Blur - Parklife

Probably. Some of them are jokes, some of them are game OSTs. More TBA...
Lisa The Joyful OST - 666 Kill Chop Deluxe02:25

Lisa The Joyful OST - 666 Kill Chop Deluxe

I never actually played this game but this song is really catchy





Never heard of the source material of this song but it's fun

666 Steak Chop Deluxe02:19

666 Steak Chop Deluxe

If you're going to listen to this, listen to 666 Kill Chop Deluxe and OFFCapella first. Otherwise it kinda ruins it.

LISA Soundtrack- Work Harder01:46

LISA Soundtrack- Work Harder

One of these days I'm gonna need to try LISA: The Painful... I can't just listen to the music like this. this is a non-serious song btw xD

Baka & Test Soundtrack(Shimizu Miharu)01:23

Baka & Test Soundtrack(Shimizu Miharu)

Puzzle Battle Theme (Extended) - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future05:44

Puzzle Battle Theme (Extended) - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Starcraft 2 Soundtrack -03- Heaven's Devils07:08

Starcraft 2 Soundtrack -03- Heaven's Devils

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