Dagstick (Dag) is one of the protagonist and one of the new Slush Fighters in The Stickman Series
Dagstick 2

Dag with his custom Gauntlet


Dagstick has cyan body color paired with purple outline, he has geen eye color and wears glasses. 

Personality Edit

Dag can be pretty nervous around people, even when talking to one of his friends, he stutters. Although he can be too confident with his inventions at times, but most of his contraptions rarely fail.

Dag is very kind towards his companions, as he tries his best to help them with any problems, though he does argue a lot with his sister Stick Peach. He also loves inventing and creating various devices as he will also use them during battle or with daily life chores. He is fond of studying and is even the valedictorian of their classroom.

Abilities and utilities Edit

Intelligence Edit

Dag's high intelligence is the reason why he is the team's brains. Fighting without physical advantages, Dag rather outsmarts his opponents.

Electricity Absorption Edit

Dag has the ability is absorb electricity from anything that produces them, either he can use this to attack his enemies or uses this to activate his machines.

Mechas and Drones Edit

During battle, Dag often uses a large mecha suit that he uses to crush his enemies and protect him from harm. Without his mecha suits, he stays in the back lines, creating mini-drones that explode on contact with any person.

Fast Building Edit

Dag can build his contraptions very fast, even if given less materials, he can always improvise and end up making a functional object.

Trivia Edit

  • Dag has a secret mansion that is hidden beyond Slush Hills and located in Slush Valley.
  • Dagstick is Stan's bestfriend.
  • Seth and Sticken's gaming console was modified by Dagstick, although it was destroyed and so Dagstick made a better one.
  • Dagstick's favorite music genre is Geek Rock.
  • Dagstick's favorite color is green.

Gallery Edit

  • Dagstick
  • Dagathan (Fused with Jonathan)

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