Dark Dude is the arch enemy of both Dragon Boy and Flame Boy he can make clones of himself.


•He has a Darkness sword.

•He has a Darkness master dragon.

•He can make clones of himself.


Standard Attack:He punches the target then two clones come and kick the target in the face.

Upgrade 1:More clones:Instead of two clones now four clones come and kick the target in the face.

Upgrade 2:Darkness sword:He slashes the target 6 times with his darkness sword.

Upgrade 3:Clone combo(Ultra attack):four clones come kick the target for a 10 hit combo Then the real him slashes the target 8 times(This ends up to be a 18 hit combo).

Tournament TextEdit

"Dark Dude was stuck in another dimension for 10 years by flame boy and dragon boy when he came back he saw dragon boy,so he disguised himself so people won't get suspicious and joined the tourney"


  • He got his powers of making clones during he was stuck in another dimension.

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