Dark Rampage is a Red stickman with black outlines.He is the arch enemy of MegaStick he can create monsters out of darkness.


•He can create monsters out of darkness

•He can make dead people moving skeletons


Standard Attack:1 headbut then two punches in the face and a kick on the jaw

Upgrade 1:Monsters:One monster comes and smashes the target on the ground

Upgrade 2:Skeletons:two hands come out of the ground and punch the target in the stomach

Upgrade 3:Darkness(Ultra Attack):Two skeletons scratch the target 4 times and then three monsters come and smash the target 8 times then Dark Rampage Punches the target 2 times then Dark Rampage Kicks The Target three Times then uppercuts the target two times then drop kicks the target(This ends up to be a 18 hit combo)


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