Doc Pain, the...uhh...Doctor of Pain? is a black stick figure with a butcher knife, a plague doctor mask and a flat top hat with a wide brim. Doc has the power to manipulate pain, and is very tanky.

Abilities Edit

Doc Pain can manipulate pain, meaning that if you hit your head, he can grab that pain, store it inside him, and transfer it to another person, who will feel as if they have hit their head. Doc is also very tough, for he has high defense. He can gain energy by fighting dirty and cheap-shotting, for he's a mean-spirited person who feeds off others' misfortune.

Doc also has shadow manipulation abilities; he can summon shadowy tendrils to tie enemies down, allowing him to transfer pain to them.

Doc Pain can also manipulate life energy; he can steal an opponent's life energy and replace it with pain. By stealing this life energy, he extends his own lifespan. If fatally injured, Doc can "sacrifice" any of the lifespans he has collected to continue fighting. He can also control this life energy in the form of its original owners, transforming the energy into a messy copy of the original, with identical powers and all. In this way, he possesses limited copycat abilities.

Over time, Doc has come up with some interesting strategies, for example self-harming and transferring the pain to his enemies.

However, Doc can only transfer pain from a certain, short range; he must touch them or tap them to transfer the pain. As such, he is a very close-combat oriented fighter, and is at a severe disadvantage without proper "minions". He also is not the fastest warrior, meaning that a quicker opponent could take him down, although that would take some time due to the extended lifespans.

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance is based off the hero "Doc Pain" in the game Combat Monsters.
  • He is Darkfire545's only character that was an original concept specifically for Slush Invaders Fanon Wiki but was later transferred to his novel; all of the others originated from the novel and were transferred to the Wiki, or are still completely unconnected to any series.

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