Doppelganger ( not even gonna bother lol ) is a demonic entity that suddenly appeared on the world. Having the amazing ability to copy people's abilities, Doppelganger is a force to be reckon with. Due to the longevity of his name, most people just call him Doppo.

Known InformationEdit


Chak and vince vs dopple2

chak and vince confronting Doppo.

A demonic entity, suddenly appearing into the world with no explanation. Doppelganger first appeared outside of a town called Kamibukuro, seeking power as he was rather weak from just awakening. The first person that he comes across with is DrewStick, the two engaged in a bout with Doppo winning the battle. The defeat of Drew got around pretty quickly, and rumors of a powerful entity with the ability to copy abilities were spread around the place. Afterwards, a group of fighters tried to take down Doppo but ultimately failed in doing so. These two events caused distraught around the area, thus marking the beginning of the "Autumn Clone" Incident.

Autumn Clone Beginning and EndEdit

Near the end of Autumn was the beginning of the incident, and a number of people have already been taken down. Chak who was slowly getting interested in the incident, was sitting down on his chair waiting for someone to give him a reason to act. Lucky for him, it came and someone requested him to stop this incident, and so he went out and did. On the way to the area where Doppo was last sighted, he was suddenly stopped by Vince, who was also on the way to the area. The two, wanting to deal with the incidents on their own, got into a fight with the victor being the one to resolve the incident. The fight ended with a tie and the two then decided to team up as it might go better for them. Finally arriving into the area where Doppo lies, the two challenged him in a fight. The fight was very close, with the two sides being almost equal in power, the fight went on for quite a while until the two finally succeeded in beating Doppo by tricking Doppo to misuse both Chak's art cards and Vince's demon arm, thus ending the incident. With the incident done, Doppo suddenly disappeared away from the public eye, never to be seen again.


Doppo's personality is that of a blank slate. He doesn't have a personality, relying on the personality of those who he copies to turn him into a person. He is a shell waiting to be filled.

After copying and temporarily absorbing Drew's abilities, he started to act like Drew, albeit a little more arrogant and corrupt. He started to become cocky and proud of himself, to the point of narcissism. This only gets worse the more he absorbed, and in the end after he absorbed a lot of people, he turned into a cluster, he turned into something that no one can even comprehend.


Doppelganger design2

Doppelganger's Design

His design is quite ghoulish. Having red irises as sharp as knives and a sclera that's as dark as the night's sky, with eerie lines coming out of it. He doesn't have a visible mouth and eyebrows, only popping out on occasion. Just like his eyes, his body has weird lines covering it, their purpose is not yet known. Doppo also has four tentacles attached to his back, which acts as his main weapon.

His copies aren't fully accurate though, and they tend to have something different from the original, like the color of the thing or it's shape.


Imitation Card: The World is MineEdit

The main selling point of Doppo is his ability to copy everything about his opponent. It's a powerful ability that when used properly, it can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction. As said above, this ability can copy everything about his opponent, including but not limited to their personality, abilities, appearance and sadly, their weakness as well.

This ability has a few limitations, those being that the copy ability is temporary unless Doppo successfully takes down his opponent, another limitation is that he can only copy up to 8 abilities, if he were to copy any more than that, then he'll explode and all of his previously obtained abilities will disappear, getting defeated also makes the abilities disappear.


  • Doppelganger is based on a character with the same name from a small animated series.

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