File:Dragon Boy.png

Dragon boy is a black stickman with super speed and he can call dragons too help him.


•super speed

•He can call dragons to help him and the dragons explode when they bite the enemy


Standard Attack:7 very quick kicks in the stomach

Upgrade 1:Dragon(6784 points):After his standard a dragon comes and bites the target and explodes

Upgrade 2:Dragon sword(45637 points):After the dragon explodes another dragon comes and turns into a sword and dragon boy slashes the target quickly 5 times

Upgrade 3:Super Form(2 Slush token):Level 2 Ultra:He turns into his super form for the rest of the level (the color of his super form is black with red outlines and red aura)


  • He is based on the RHG character Blazer.
  • In his super form, he can move faster than light.
  • He has a master dragon that can go through time and space means that he can travel to the future and the past



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