ElectroStick is a dark blue stick.With the ability to channel plasma and control electricity.


•Channel Plasma.

•Control Electricity.


Standard Attack:three punches in the stomach and two kicks in the face.

Upgrade 1:Electro punches(24533 points):All punches and kicks of his standard attack turn into electric punches and kicks.

Upgrade 2:Electro cloud(55209 points):After His standard Attack a cloud appears above the target and blasts lightining on the target.

Upgrade 3:Electro burst(1 slush Token):Level 2 ultra:He comes running at the target and punches the target with a full powered electric punch and a giant explosion.


  • He is based on the RHG character Oxob.



Electrostick by Skpc boy

ElectroStick the Oxob Ripoff

ElectroStick by Skpcboy (Remade)

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