Ethanstick -- artwork 1

Ethanstick and his partner, Bill

Ethanstick, or sometimes strangely referred to by his nickname of Chak, is a member of the Slush Fighters W..


Ethanstick is a red stickman with a light blue outline. His red is slightly lighter compared to his original incarnation, likely to indicate that he isn't all too similar. He has pure blue eyes that possibly showcases his boisterous yet kind nature.

He is usually seen wearing a yellow scarf.


Ethanstick is a nice guy, but he holds the qualities of a prankster. In short, Ethanstick has the tendency to invoke a lot of trouble for others by pulling off a variety of mischievous pranks, ranging from common ones such as planting an array of whoopie cushions in a classroom to really elaborate ones like making StIcy freak out and freeze the ground of the school.

This causes him to be often seen as a joke by others, but his teammates see him differently as they know these are just his ways of having fun, albeit, at the expense of other's annoyance. However, Ethanstick is still a generally friendly and nice guy and when it comes down to it, when necessary, he can be counted on by his teammates and close friends to be there when they need him. He is affably good and does what he can for the sake of those close to him. While he is relatively irresponsible and mischievous with what he does, it is his own way of dealing with things that are sometimes hard to get over by others. He likes doing things his own way much more than follow what others often tell him to, but nevertheless takes what they say in consideration rather than in stride. His mischievous tendencies are something he shares with his two best-friends, StKhen and Sthaden, but also has a friendly rivalry regarding it with Stick Jayvee.

His energetic and mischievous attitude are what he has in common with fellow prankster and close friend Jinxstick, with whom he has developed romantic feelings for but has yet to muster up enough courage to confess to her out of being scared of making their friendship awkward.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • He is loosely based off his creator's original character, Chakatan.