Since I became a fan of these shows, lemme introduce them one by one, in no particular order of course. This is (SOMEHOW) a "review" of my favorite fandoms.


Teen Titans (2003) Edit

I discover this show when I was watching Cartoon Network. I watched the whole Season 1 and missed some in Season 2 and 3. It became one of my favorite shows until now because, without it, I never discovered Switchfoot. Thanks to it and it became my no. 1 fandom.

General (Spoiler Alert!) Edit

The show itself is amazing, not only because characters, but also with mini-arcs and backgrounds stories of each characters. I mean, three of them (Robin, Beastboy and Starfire) lost BOTH of their parents. Robin's parents (the Graysons) died from falling on a circus performance; Beastboy's parents died from a boat crash and Starfire's parents died from depression because her sister, Blackfire, betrayed the Tamaraneans when she gave her (as a slave) to the alien race "Gordanians". While the other two main characters (Raven and Cyborg), have their BOTH parents alive. I have a theory that Trigon is sent again to his realm in a weakened state because his daughter have "destroyed" him on Earth. Well, as for Cyborg's parents, they are still living from his old home and have unknown status.

Robin Edit

Robin, the leader of Teen Titans and brains of the team, is (sometimes) serious throughout series, unless you place him in an awkward situation like in "Date With Destiny". Like all of the characters in any fandoms, he has a serious fatal flaw: being obsessed of Slade's identity. He even hides his hero identity and became "Red X" in only one episode to chase the psychopath that threatens the city in previous episodes. In the end, his three teammates (with the exception of Starfire) shouted at him for going under that identity.

Robin became later an apprentice of Slade when the criminal threatens his friends' lives because of the dangerous probes inside their bodies. The leader found a way to trick the villain to destroy the device and the team beat him once and for all.

In my opinion, Robin is the second one (the first one is Starfire) that keeps the team together. Not just as a team, but as a family. He keeps telling the team not to give up and the battle is not over yet, like in "Final Exam" and "Titans Together".

However, the only underdeveloped thing with this Titan is his friendship with the changeling (to the next section!!!).

Beastboy Edit

Let's say he is one of the characters I knew that is capable of telling lame jokes. His jokes often countered by sarcastic remarks from his teammates (with the exception of Starfire who thinks that some of his jokes are funny). But, this changeling, can think his own way, like in episode "Crash".

I think BB's upbeat side is only a mask to hide his past. In my opinion, people didn't like the way he is because of his mutated form. That he CAN transform into any animal, living or extinct. Maybe some people wanted him for money or for power. Good thing he was in the right hands (Teen Titans and Doom Patrol).

Starfire Edit

Raven Edit

Cyborg Edit

Titans East Edit

Now for the second branch of the Titans....

Titans East is a second group formed in Steel City

File:Titans East.jpg

Other Titan Members Edit

Well, the Titans recruited many others, that includes Aqualad (in episode "Deep Six"), Terra (in episode "Terra"), some guys in episode "Winner Take All" and many others.

Relate characters to other characters Edit

Connection between me and the Titans Edit

Rise of the Guardians (2012) Edit

How to train your dragon (2010 and 2014) Edit

Frozen (2013) Edit

The Last of Us Edit

Avatar: TLA & LOK Edit

Big Hero 6 Edit

During the wait for Frozen, this movie captured my interest when I read that this movie will be futuristic (and a sci-fi related thingy?). And, yeah, it is awesome. I just watched it on November 8, 2014 and became obsessed for the first time.

General (Spoiler Alert!) Edit

This movie is SOMEWHAT related to Teen Titans. I don't know why! That thought hit me hard while browsing the tumblr and saw a post of BH6 and Teen Titans' characters. I say it was cool... O3O Anyway, this movie is focused on two brothers and their bond. Well, of course, Disney will kill of A SPECIAL SOMEONE of the main character for the sake of their character development. Then there's Baymax, an adorable, innocent,literal-minded and CUTE robot. He was the heart of the film, I mean, all main characters are united because of him. Baymax NEVER fail to make cry and laugh at the same time. I'm serious. But, mostly, he make me laugh throughout the movie.

Hiro's friends (Honey Lemon, Fred, Gogo Tomago, and Wasabi) didn't receive/have character development (it's zero, for short). But lemme tell you that... all of them are ADORKABLE! xD Honey is like the optimistic one, Fred is just like Olaf...

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodEdit

Attack On Titan Edit

Sword Art Online Edit

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