Hey, peeps. Just putting this here cuz why not?


  • Draw draft for Dragostick
    • Start Lineart (pending)
    • Color (pending)
    • Effects and finalizing (pending)

Character StuffEdit

This section is probably or proabably not important...

  • Oxine / Oxie (Gemsona) - no description yet
  • Kleana - no description yet
  • Eisna - no description yet


  • Within
    • The cover and the first page of comic is planned to be released in -.
      • Cutting Chains Pt. 1 - a short story of struggling
  • The Life of the Mysterious Hero
    • Retype script
    • Make cover and page one


{ to be added }


  • Tales of In-Between World description to be added
  • Slush Legend Seriesdescription to be added
    • Dimensional Outcastsdescription to be added
    • Stick Tribesdescription to be added


  • Securas AC-1
    • Summary: A three-long chapter about a consciousness trapped in a robot designed to kill and had to fight back to the what they are.




Idea DumpEdit

This will be a bit disoragnized

  • animatronic pet of Seiru (ToIBW)
  • Fanart lyrics for Monster by Starset
  • Tearing the twin of doubts (internally occured in March 8, 2017 with the help of Lathan)

Vector IllustrationEdit

Also, don't hesitate to put characters here so I can practice more


  • Genji from Overwatch 


  • Mandy from Grim Adventures
    • additional note: in any style but anime and her original art style
  • tba

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