These pictures may came from the users on the wiki or created by the said owner. You can put the suggestions below the gallery and will be made by The Fan of Wiki, RMD444, Chakatan, StAlec or someone else if you want to. You can use the original Slush Fighters and the fanmade ones.

Note that anyone can edit the page.   


Example: "I want Stomar vs. Ben Stickobi and I want it to be made by Fan"

If you want someone else to make a duel fight pic, then follow the format below:
"I want <insert name here> vs. <insert stick name here> and I want <insert username here> to make it"

Announcements (admins are only allowed to edit this section)

  • The winner of the duel will be redrawn by the maker of a specific art but with wounds/bruises with the loser defeated. See the examples below.
  • Polls are closed for a moment....

Artists (add pls)

  • The Fan of Wiki - I only accept 5 requests (max request; not available for a moment)
    • Requests I'm currently making
      • StEthan vs General Blue
      • StAlec vs LeStick(StAlecs alter-ego)
      • StEthan vs StiCaleb
      • CeleStick vs StiCaleb
      • Stnoriel vs Dragostick
  • Chakatan - i accept any kind of request! (unless it's too hard then don't expect to see it anytime soon)
    • I'm currently making
      • Trystick vs Stucker
      • StKhen vs Stalvin
      • Madstick vs a Bunch of Grunts
      • Compasticks vs Trip-sticks
  • Vincetick - Whatever. I'm not responsible for: broken bones, lacerated muscles, decapitations, disembowelment, mental anguish, physical abuse and/or death by my own hands. Fight me as you will. No hard feelings...
  • Retro&Random
  • Drew - As of right now, I can't make any flash art...(darn it dad >.<) But I can draw on paper! Personally, I draw a little bit better on paper. So hey, you got an idea? Suggest something to me! If you want to take a look at what my art looks like, click this, cuz I never post anything here anymore.


Winners of the Stickfight (Pics)

DON'T EDIT THIS SENTENCE: This section will be rearrange by me... ~Fan
The winners of the duels were:

Suggestion Box

  • I want Sthomas vs. The CompaSticks and I want Fan to make it.
  • I want Stick Leonide vs Stick Leon. And i want The Fan of Wiki to make it.
  • I want Stedro vs Stezon. and i want Chak or Fan to make it
  • I want Sthomas vs Stick Jorge. And i want Chak to make it. -Shaden :3
  • I want Stick James vs Stick Michael. And i want Fan to Make it.
  • I want The Real Sthomas vs StAlec. And I want Chak to make it.
  • I want To see Sthomas vs MarcStick. and i want Fan to Make it.
  • I want SticKhanh vs MarcStick. and i want Fan to make it
  • I want Abomi-Stick vs Nightmare. and i want Chak to make it!
  • I want StEthan vs General Blue. and I want Chak or Fan to make it (bonus prize if you put them on the moon)
  • I want StAlec vs LeStick(StAlecs alter-ego). and i want Chak & Fan to make it
  • I want StEthan vs StiCaleb. and i want Fan to make it
  • I want CompaSticks vs the Trip-Sticks and i want Chak to make it.
  • I want CeleStick vs StiCaleb. and i want Fan & Chak to make it
  • I want Stnoriel vs Dragostick and I Want Fan to make it
  • I want Shaden vs. Chakatan (a.k.a Minecraft vs. Roblox) and I want Both of them to make it
  • I want Stkhen vs StAlvin and i want Fan or Chakatan to make it
  • I want Madstick Vs A bunch of Stick Grunts. - Stick Leon A.K.A Leonsc12 EDIT : And i want Chakatan to make it.
  • I want Trystick vs Stucker and I want Chakatan to make it. - Try
  • I want Fanny and Vince vs Giant Chish and Chakatan and I want Fan to make it.
  • I was Stick Zee vs Stick Stan and I want Vincetick to make it.


NOTE: PLEASE do not edit this unless I told you so. ~Fan


  • This page is created by The Fan of Wiki
    • who also started the fanmade duel stickfight by creating a picture titled as "Stomar vs. Ben Stickobi."


This section was created by Vincetick.

Each Contendor in the Fanmade Duel Stickfights will earn achievements by completing a certain task within the fight. For Example, winning your first battle gives you the "Novice" achievement and losing 10 times will achieve you the "Failed Fights" achievement. Each Achievement you unlock will either give you points or give you a certain item which you can use in future battles.


  1. Novice - Win your first fight! = Reward: 10 Points
  2. Winner - Win 5 battles in a row = Reward: Sthomas' Hyper Beam Ability
  3. Failure - Lose a fight = Reward: 25 Points
  4. Failed Fights - Lose 10 fights = Reward: Mart's Unlucky Wand
  5. Team Player - Win a 2 on 2 battle = Reward: Seismic Quake Ability
  6. Team-Up Fighter - Win a battle with anyone from the Slush Fighters = Reward: 100 Points
  7. Blazing Victory - Win a battle against Dragostick = Reward: Dragon Fangs
  8. Too Cool - Win a battle against TRS = Reward: Cool Cape
  9. Decisive Champion - Win a battle against Chakatan and Stick Leonide = Reward: 250 Points
  10. Best Brawler - Win a battle against Vincetick = Reward: Red Queen
  11. Newbie Fighter - Win a battle against StAlec = Reward: Hyper Beam Ability
  12. You Drew, You Lose! - Win a battle against DrewStick = Reward: Techno-Arm Weapon
  13. Scott to be Luck - Win a battle against Scottick and Mart = Reward: Magical Striker Ability and 200 points
  14. LOB to the Face - Win a battle against JamesLOB = Reward: The Bottle 1.5 and 100 points
  15. GastroBOOM - Win a battle against GastroDude = Gamma x4k Ability
  16. Improved - Get your item = Reward: 5 Points
  17. Newly Trained - Win 5 Battles in a row = Reward: Sky Slasher Ability
  18. Guts - Win 12 Battles in a row = Reward: 300 Points
  19. Beaten Up - Lose 6 Battles in a row = Reward: Maximum Overdrive Ability and 100 Points
  20. I Quit - Forfeit a battle = Reward: Crimson Knucle Ability
  21. Unbeatable - Win 100 Battles = Reward: Universal Collider Abilty and 500 Points
  22. Forceful Persona - Have someone help you win a fight = Reward: 350 Points
  23. Out of Your League - Lose 50 Battles = Reward: Silver Comet Ability
  24. Dynamic Duo - Win 10 2 on 2 Battles = Reward: Ultra Conductive Attack Ability
  25. Dimwitted Assualter - Accidentally lose a battle you were gonna win = Reward: Brittled Buster Ability
  26. Strongest Pack - Get 6 items that either belongs or looks similar to that of the Slush Fighters = Reward: 700 Points
  27. Achieving Greatness - Win 25 Battles in a row = Reward: Handy Dandy Smacker Ability
  28. Wrong Turn - Mistakenly Hit your Ally and lose the battle - Reward: 500 Points
  29. Coming Soon...

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