"Four" is the code-name of the fourth member of the Kobayashi Roots, a tungsten stick figure with a crimson border.

Personality Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Nightmare Haze Edit


Puppet Theatre Edit

Four can place down a magical beacon in any given area. When she does so, a holographic image of the area surrounding the beacon appears in her palm; if anyone is standing in the area, they are represented by humanoid puppets standing in the hologram. Four can manipulate this hologram and these puppets any way she wants, and the people inside the zone will be forced to obey. Essentially, she becomes the "puppet master" of her "theatre" and effectively becomes its deity and can affect it in any way she wants. She can manipulate a puppet in basic ways such as forcing someone to walk around or attack an ally, or implant thoughts and even alter memories of the person.

The beacon can also be placed on people, therefore making the "theatre" mobile. Four often keeps at least one beacon on her body at all times, allowing her to manipulate the area around her to her whims.

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