Francis Bowman is a student and a member of Slush Invaders. He is a graduating honor student but also a fighter in Slush Invaders. He is the youngest fighter, only 13 years old

Personality Edit

Francstick has a pretty confident personality. He has much of a usual little girl's personality; energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous. He's also pretty patient, showing little to no signs of anger. The only time he tends to lose his cool is when something really irritates him. This causes him to shout and become a big-mouthed person for 10 seconds before giving in his anger. He's also very attentive and determined to become the greatest fighter.

He's a really smart student as a 13 year old individual. He has the IQ of 160, making him the brains of any group he joins. However, he dislikes people who isn't attentive to smart people. In combat, he's very strategic and prepared. His secret of being a tactical person is that he has to adapt the environment around him and executing it correctly. If he doesn't execute it properly, that'll be the time he's going to use his hidden plan or "Plan B".

Appearance Edit

He's pretty petite for a boy. During his past life, he had long hair, which reached his shoulder. Because of this, he is always mistaken for a girl because of his looks and attitude. The current outfit is the only thing keeping him out of the gender misunderstanding

His normal outfit consists of a school uniform, jeans and shoes. He always has his ID as always to make sure people remember him. He also keeps his hair groomed like a gentleman, which is why everyone in his class adored him. In his neutral form, he wears a normal yellow t-shirt without any marks, he wears trousers that has its cuffs folded and he still wears the usual pair of shoes he has. He wears a belt to make sure the trousers are tight and fit for him. His Alt. form has him wearing a high school jacket and his usual jeans that are worn in his normal form. He also still has his shoes

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Speed Edit

He has the ability to run at great speeds and break through brittle walls(such as glass and thin concrete) without injuring himself. This allows him to quickly evade any incoming attacks(e.g. projectiles) that can be sensed easily.

Tactical Mind "PLAN B" Edit

His wisdom allows him to create plans and strategies to overcome any dangerous situations. In fact, this ability only uses 1/3 of his intellectual due to the fact that he doesn't always depend on power, but on the environment around him. If the environment is not fit for him, he always has his "PLAN B" prepared.

Skills Edit

  • Flexibility
    • His body shape has given him the ability to stretch his limbs over the limits. He also is more flexible than a gymnast. This allows him to evade more quickly by shaping himself.
  • Swordsmanship
    • He has been trained to use any bladed weapon precisely. This is a way to contribute his 1st trainer that helped him move on from the death of his parents.
  • Marksmanship
    • He also has been trained to use any ranged or projectile weapons precisely. This is also a way to contribute the vigilante who rescued him in a dangerous situation.
  • Wall Climbing
    • His lightweight body allows him to climb walls with ease.