Francis(a.k.a. Frank) is a loving and caring boy that has many relationships with each other. He's also the youngest fighter being 14 years old. He's also a trained swordsman and a gunner. He is stronger than he looks and also intelligent. He has a lime color with black border.

Gets serious and raging when starts to fight.

Role in Some Episodes. Edit

He has no appearance in most episodes.

Upgrades Edit

Name: Sharp Bullets.

Ability: If upgraded to Sharp Bullets, his gun will be much more powerful and stronger. Francstick will also revive himself automatically. This ability will not grant healing ability in other slush fighters.

Name: Intensive Care.

Ability: Francstick will now grant healing ability to other slush fighters.

Name: Bazooka.

Ability: Francstick gets a bazooka and shoot it into enemies, dealing great damage. It will also get greater damge by the combo. When it's 50, it will do great damage. When it's 70, It will do greater damage. When 100, it will do massive damage.(With the exception of bosses.)

Damage: Depends on the number of combos.

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