Carl, better known Freeze, is one of the supporting characters from The Stickman Series
Freezestick 2

Appearance Edit

Freezestick has cyan color with dark cyan outline, he has yellow eyes and an odd yellow tongue. 

Personality Edit

Freezestick is a modest and kind person, he is very supportive and kind, even towards his enemies, as after defeating them, apologizes for harming them. In fact, he seems to have a positive outlook on most things, regardless of what negative qualities they hold.

Despite many people praising and adoring him for his selflessness and integrity, some people, especially Seth and Ken, mocks him due to his personality annoying both of them.

Abilities Edit

Ice powers Edit

Freezestick is able to manipulate and produce any forms of ice or snow, and can rearrange their physical appearances such as, forming ice weaponry, shooting continuous ice shards, forming a small blizzard and large ice pillars that erupt from the ground. One of his trademark attacks is forming a gigantic snowball that rolls towards his opponents.

Fighting Skills Edit

Freezestick is very capable of fighting without relying on his powers, he also has quick reflexes and can wrestle bigger opponents.

Intelligence Edit

Freezestick fights with his intelligence, often not underestimating his opponents and when in combat, uses the environment to his advantage.

Trivia Edit

  • Freezestick was originally an antagonist.
  • He is Stick Peach's boyfriend
  • Freezestick was mostly inspired from Ice Mario and Diamond Head