Gon is a young villain who appears in The Stickman Series.

Description Edit

He is an orange stickman with darkish red outline, who posses the power of Plasma,Ice and Fire. He also has the ability to fly and mix his 3 elemental powers into new crazy energy. He got his powers from Kyle, Freezestick and Seth.



Trivia Edit

  • He is 15 years old.
    • This is also noted that Gon is the youngest villain in the series.
  • He actually first appeared in "Destruction pack part 2".
  • Gon's name was inspired by "Hypergon".
  • Gon has a somewhat unknown grudge on Seth.
  • He has replaced Delta Patrol as Redster's right hand man.


  • Gon, taunting Seth
  • Gon
  • Dark Gon battling Fyonna