The Gray Battalion is a group of soldiers that operate for their group's goals and sometimes for money. They want lots of power and advanced technology. They are also known for invading towns and cities for their resources. They sometimes recruit people with powers or lots of skill and make them special units.


A Gray Trooper and a Gray Machinegunner

Backstory Edit

No one else knows much about them other than their leader is codenamed "Gray Wolf." He was in the military of Russtick, a large, cold country with a strong military. He was the leader of a segregated unit of grays, since back then most Russticks were red sticks. After a long war with fstickland in a "Winter Stickwar," him and his Platoon left Russtick in search of a new cause. They came across technology of the once powerful Blues, and rook some. Then they started Mercenary group and with the money they earned after a few small operations, they bought heavy weaponry and began recruiting more members. They first only let in grays, but now they let in most shades of gray including blacks (usually in stealth units) and occasionaly white(commandos). If you were another color you have to be very strong before they will consider letting you in.

Types of Soldiers Edit

Standard Edit

Fighter Edit


Fighters are the very basic unit. They consist mainly of grays, and sometimes dark grays and light grays. They focus on speed and dodging attacks to close in to use their hand-to-hand combat skills. They are trained in hand to hand combat but are easily destroyed by ranged troops. But they can quickly move behind cover, dodge melee attacks and fight with their body, and even dodge some types of ranged attacks. they have low armor so strong sticks can defeat them easily. Not as much as some since they are trained more than foot soldiers of other armies and usually last longer and survive more hits than other army's foot soldiers. This also counteracts since it puts less avaliable fighters on the field.

Trooper Edit


Troopers are also a basic unit, although somewhat less common. They are trained with small firearms and small to medium melee weapons, like daggers, machetes, and knives. Fighters are promoted to this rank if they prove themselves in combat. Even though they are a higher rank, they cannot give orders to fighters

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