Hiyori Lala

Hiyori Lala

Hiyori Lala has a black eyes, inside color phink lavender light and outline color pink lavender, has a wings if he become angel.

Abilities Edit

Hiyori Lala weapons is fire sword (it's can become spear), he can fly fast, his weapons can shooting many fire, he can make a surrounded shield him.


  • He's a Slush fighter and a member of Hyun's dojo
  • He's an angel, he can transform evil because he has 2 soul: Angel and Evil
  • He's alway going with Shadow Leaf

Hiyori Lian (the demon transform of Hiyori Lala)Edit

Hiyori Lian

Hiyori Lian (The evil)

Hiyori Lian has a red eyes (like eyes demon's), inside and outline color dark purple. He has wings, tail (yeah... you look at the picture)


Hiyori Lian's weapons is fire (fire color purple) sword (it's can become spear),he can summon many tentacles, hell round, run fast than angel. tentacles can catch phantom and shadow (If tentacles did have fire), hell round can make the enemy can't use their skill and can't fight (If you touch the hell round).


  • He can become evil if if somebody winner angel, do a bad work or he's Self-transforming.
  • He can transform Hiyori Lala if he's lose
  • The demon can control by Hiyori Lala or Hiyori Lian.

gallery Edit

  • Hiyori Lala with his cloak
  • Hiyori Lian's wings and tail
  • Hiyori Lian's power tentacles and hell round
  • Hiyori Lian's the tentacles did fire

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