Hot Rodstick is a minion of General Blue and is the second boss of the bonus world in Slush RPG.

The BattleEdit

You literally have to beat Hot Roadstick in a race. Be warned: You have a limited amount of time to take him down. You have to chase him down in a car of your own and smash the stuff that he tosses at you into his engine. He throws tires and wrenches at you. Eventually, his engine gets damaged and you can ram into it. When he's down to half HP, he inflates his tires to monster truck level and runs over you. THIS ATTACK CAUSES HUGE DAMAGE AND THERE IS NO ESCAPE. After this, he throws more wrenches and tires, but this time, he drops a tack too. If you hit the tack, it will deflate Roadstick's tires reverting them to their normal state (excluding the bandages he on them so they won't go flat). If you miss the tack, he runs over you again, but you get another shot when he throws stuff again if you're still alive. Then you can hit his engine again. He repeats the throwing attack pattern until he is at last of his health. Then the car explodes and you must ram the debris away from your car. Once all the debris is gone, Roadstick is not dead yet. Instead, he hilariously runs across the ground with the wheel still in his grip. Ram into him one more time to finally defeat him and send him flying. A moment later, he is seen plummeting back to Earth (See any wings on him? Didn't think so).


  • He is the only enemy in Slush RPG to be fought in the overworld.
  • He is the only blue to have his eyes visible all the time.
  • His name has two puns, both involving cars. Road, the the things that cars drive on, and Hot Rod, a type of car.