Hunter (or Hunter of fighters) is an antagonist in The Stickman Series
Hunter 1

Appearance Edit

Hunter has a light gray outline and Gray as his main color, he has dark gray eyes with glowing red pupils. His left arm is rather translucent and always statics with red electricity that is capable of conducting red energy.

Personality Edit

Hunter has a rather single-minded personality, to hunt down his bounties. He will stop at nothing until his target is either destroyed or he himself is, if anyone interferes, he will simply disable them and continue his hunt.

Abilities Edit

Cyber ArmEdit

His cyber arm is his main use as a toll to hunt various fighters and people, it has many uses and is very deadly on combat. 


If given the right information, Hunter is able to track down his targets with his left arm. 

Energy blastsEdit

Both of his arms can conduct red energy that can either burn his targets or electrocute them, though he favors the red energy blast more but his stun blast is situational, oftenly used for immobilizing his bounties.

Electronic PulseEdit

Hunter has the capability of disrupting his opponent's technology and items, leaving them more vulnerable.

Trivia Edit

  • He has no known names, but was given a nickname which is Hunter.
  • His original design was very messy since he has so many items that he carries.
  • His codename is "Hunter drone" which is weird since he is a cyborg.
  • His rival is Dagstick.
    • Mainly because Hunter can mess with his technologies.

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