File:Stick Jack.png


JackStick (Jack) is a bloodish red Stickman with a gold outline and has a dagger on his foot and is wielding a sword....


Can spawn infinite swords, daggers and axes.

Has the ability to see whats behind him.

Can turn to a sword himself (similar to Ben Stickobi's Sticksaber Ultra attack).


File:JackStick Chasing Random Guys Over and Over again.gif

File:Jack n Sky.png


Standard Att: JackStick strikes the chosen enemy randomly with his sword or dagger (This makes JackStick an Auto-Fighter).

Upgrade No. 1: Weapon spawn: JackStick will spawn swords and daggers from the right of the screen for 2 seconds.

Upgrade No. 2: Helping hand: JackStick >ally> +75% damage.

Ultra attack: Helping sword: JackStick will automatticly make Ben Stickobi appear and use his ultra attack and JackStick will help by turning him into a sword and fight.

RandomMinecraftDude444's trivia for JackStickEdit

  • JackStick can actually see what's behind him( if he had an attack bout dat ).
  • As seen in the image JackStick is slightly less darker than Stick Sky.
  • The GIF is an Animated pic that RMD made called: JackStick Chasing Random Guys Over and Over again

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