Keeva is an ally and an avid supporter of The Big Fourstick. She also the girlfriend of Sticktan.


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Digital ComicsEdit

Character Story Edit

Hometown Edit

Keeva is the closest childhood friend of Sticktan (or known as, his real name, Lowell) because they meet everyday on the same school in town. When Blues attacked the town 8 years later (when she was 13), she was almost captured by a Blue but was protected by Lowell. After that, he brought Keeva to her family under the army's custody. An army of Drabs and Blues suddenly flooded the area. Lowell talked to the Blue who he beat up and volunteers to be their prisoners. He was then captured by the injured Blue, who revealed to be Big Blue and brought him to a Blue lab. Keeva never seen him again ever since and blames herself for being coward after the incident.

After another 8 years, she met a fellow named Sticktan, a blue stickman says that this is his hometown. Keeva offers him to stay on her apartment where she resides for three months. While on the road, Titan told her that he is looking for someone that he knew when he was a child. She says that, someday, he'll eventually find the person he's looking for. When they got into the apartment, Titan saw an picture album of two kids playing on the grounds and wearing grade school uniform. Unbeknownst to him, he is a red stickman before he was experimented by a professor on the Blue lab.

In the morning, Keeva found that Sticktan already leaves the apartment and left a note on the bed he slept on. It says that he should be going to find this person.

When the evening comes, a knock ruins her concentration on her paperwork before standing up and opened up the door. Sticktan gets in and closed the door, and she noticed that his green scarf is covering half of his lower face. Titan told her everything about he found out that she is the person he is looking for. At the same time, he confesses to her that he fell in love with her ever since the Blue incident. This makes Keeva flustered but quickly regains her composure before pulling down his scarf from his face and kissed him, marking the start of their romantic relationship.


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The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • Her outfit is NOT inspired by Sailor Moon. It was only accidental when I was drawing her.
  • She loves romantic dates.
  • Keeva, along with Lowell, are often teased by Dragostick and SmaTavish (it's because they shipped them so hard)
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