MacStick is an orange stick figure with a blue outline and is Stick Lucas' butt monkey best friend.


He is a good friend who always lets himself take the bullet for his best friend, Lucas.


Mac has story

he (ir)relevant to Lucas' laifu


Invulnerable to Pain:Edit

For some reason, MacStick is numb to the feeling of pain, whether it's an illness or physical pain, he just shrugs it off like nothing. He can't get hurt no matter what, even if you were light his butt on fire or spray him toilet water, he is left unfazed. He is really a tough guy to flinch.

Iron Butt Monkey:Edit

Because he is Stick Lucas' best friend, it would be better that MacStick were to endure all of the hits since he doesn't feel any pain so it would make more sense that he would be the one to suffer more than Lucas.


  • There is gonna be list of how many times he has suffered for Stick Lucas, all of which he somehow miraculously survived from.
  • His name may sometimes be misread as "Marcstick" for some reason.

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