Megastick is a blue stickman.


•Can make black holes.

•Has the power to blast.


Standard attack:Two punches one kick.

Upgrade 1:Combo+(5540 points):His standard attack turns into 4 punches 3 kicks.

Upgrade 2:Blast(89845 points):After his standard attack he adds a blast.

Upgrade 3:Black hole(2 slush tokens):Level 2 ultra:He makes a black hole that sucks in every enemy on the screen (doesn't kill all of them but damages them and throws them out)(kills Most of them).

Secret Upgrade:Meta form:he turns into MegaStick (Meta form) for the rest of the level.


Mega was playing around a park when he was only 2 thats just when blues came out of no where,his father tried to defend him,Mega's mother took him and ran away.After that his father didn't come back Mega started to cry.Years later he saw a weird bearded man it was his father he couldn't believe it.2 months later he became an astronaut.on his second flight the rocket messed up.He ended up in a planet that was nowhere near the solar system.He felt gravity pulling him it was a black hole,he knew his time had come.But suddenly he felt as if he was normally walking on earth.The black hole went away he felt lucky.He was eating a sandwich he was just taking the first bite when his hand felt strong and he accidentally blasted himself with so much power that he flew to another planet,How was he going to go to earth now? His rocket had been left on another planet,suddenly a black hole came and sucked him.He realized he was on earth,He thought it was just a bad dream,but he nearly blasted himself again.He realized he had got powers.A day later his family was in the mall suddenly blues attacked.He defeated all of them easily.Another normal day Standrew came he told him that he saw Mega defeating the blues and asked him to join slusher Mega accepted.He was room mates with Electrostick.Later Mega and Electro became best friends and they fought blues together.


Meta Form:He gets grey armor all around him and gets the ability to shoot lazers from his eyes and can fly and shoot rockets and he has the powers of fire.(and make black holes and blast as he does normally)


  • he can't get pushed in by the gravity of his own black hole.

Tournament TextEdit

"He has joined the tourney to have some fun but beware he isn't as stupid as he seems outside battle.When in battle he can use his black holes with brilliant tactics to trap you into a place from which you might never escape."