Mocstick is one of the genetic creatures that broke out in the Red facility breach, and one of the antagonists in The Stickman Series.

Abilities Edit

  • Long arms can cause high damage.
  • Immune to Redster's genetic destroyer.

About Edit

Moc is a genetic creature that was supposed to be the strongest of all Red Rampagers, but soon was incomplete and broke out of the lab along with other genetics. Moc attacked Slusher Ville, draining water from lakes and pools. Soon was confronted by Stan and his team, soon enough Moc easily defeated the 4 members until Seth shot him down causing him to fall from the rooftop and land on a truck.

Trivia Edit

  • Mocstick is based off of MUTO from the movie "Godzilla 2014".
  • Moc is the only genetic to be revived many times.

Gallery Edit

  • Mocstick (kinda creepy)

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