Mr.Evil, yep, the evil counterpart of Mr.White, and the person destined to destroy the universe. Nobody knows how he came to be, nor how he became Evil. Everyone knows only one thing: Do not mess with him, or get in trouble. He has a box-type weapon which can unleash dozens of curses and horrors upon a person. It is named Panic. The picture depicts the Destroyed Earth on Fire with a sad stickman encased on it.... And we already know what it means. 

Strength: Same as Mr.White

Friends: None

Special Powers: ???

Worst Dislike: Mr.White

Dislike: Everything Good

Like: Everything Evil

Best Like: His Evilness and His Weapon

Real Name: ???

Good or Bad: Extremely Evil

Weapon: Panic

Secrets: ???

Story: (Only known from his incidents with other people)

----The First Encounter----

His first encounter was against Mr.White, when he was attacking him in surprise. He had clear advantage over him, as he had weakened him with Panic, his weapon, but that was not enough. Mr.White Struck back with a deafening blow from his weapon, Peace, transformed into a big fist which totally knocked out Mr.Evil in one hit. He teleported away before he could be captured for real. His location is yet unknown.

More details soon