Mr. Bubby is the only ledgendary rated pet in the entire Slush RPG. It is unknown where he gets his invincible duraibility.  


Mr. Bubby was one of the Mr. Saturn species from Mother Earth Universe. He was tossed off Final Destination during a fight, and landed a lab near by Slusher. There, he was used as a test subject, and after a chemical reaction, his whole life changed. He came even more invincible, and can reflect anything without even looking like he got hit, but also, his personality was changed. He was more serious and ganster like than the average Mr. Saturn. DrewStick took him in after he say the Mr. Saturn walking down the streets alone. They became best of friends. One day, as AustinVincetick, and Chakatan was over, and they couldn't decide a name for him. So they just let him name himself, and he named himself Mr. Bubby.


It is optinal to get him during the story, or after the game is done. He can be found in right corner while you are battling Dark Stick, cheering both sides on. All you have to do is click on him when you see him in those levels, and he is unlocked. Unfortunately, you cannot use him once you get in the level. If you didn't know, you can go back and replay those levels. Also, note that Mr. Bubby is a rated Legendary Ally, so he can only be used once or twice a every level.


  • Skill 1: He can reflect anything when he is hit or when he jumps into the attack to defend others
  • Skill 2 (Unlockable): He can be picked up by the player and be thrown at any shield, and break through.

(Mr.Bubby using skill 1 will still apply to the rule that he can only be used once, but he can be used twice when he uses skill 2)

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