Full Name

Natalie Bian


Hyper Tech, Steel Comets


Tech-aided flight, relatively well armored suit, freezing abilities, resistance to negative temperatures, wields frost sword, somewhat strong physical power, superior piloting skills


Somewhat slow power suit, weaker to high temperatures, somewhat antisocial personality


Reading, cooking


Sergeant Bian (KIA)


Her friends, revenge


Hundred Empire, Killer Joker

Natastick (Natalie) is a Hyper Tech soldier who later unofficially became part of the Steel Comets. She is light turquoise with a green border. When she was first drafted, she piloted a standard MP-Lancer, but was later handed the Valkyria, a cyromancer suit.


Natalie's past is rather unclear, though it's assumed that she was just like any other girl her age before being drafted. However, when Killer Joker killed her entire family, Natalie lost her grasp on emotions, fear, and innocence. She signed herself up to join Hyper Tech for one purpose: revenge. While on the outside, Natalie is snarky, cold, and longing for vengeance, on the inside, a part of her is continuously asking what will be left in her life once she does avenge her family.

Suit SpecsEdit

The Valkyria is a white and light-blue suit that has head design cues based on a Valkyrie helmet. The suit itself is covered in a special metal that can reach extreme negative temperatures, freezing anything that touches it. On the inside, Natalie is unaffected by the temperature change and is even shielded from colder climates. The Valkyria also comes equipped with a frost sword that has the same freezing capabilities as the suit, but it also has more offensive power as well. Hidden within the Valkyria's head is a video camera that can transmit video signals and record.

Role in Launcher GameEdit

  • Ending of combo freezes target
    • Freeze keeps affected enemy in Stun-like status until they take enough damage or after a long period of time


  • Frostbite Touch (55,000 points)
    • All of Natastick's combo now inflicts freeze.
  • Snap Freeze (45,000 points)
    • Frozen enemies take extra damage when broken from the freeze.
      • Note: Does not apply to enemies that defrost overtime.
  • Sub-Zero Beam (1 Slush Token)
    • Brace yourselves: Winter is coming.
      • Natastick charges and fires a huge ice beam that freezes everything in its range. However, the beam does no damage.
    • Level 2 Ultra


Jubeat Snow Goose LONG - Mutsuhiko Izumi04:57

Jubeat Snow Goose LONG - Mutsuhiko Izumi

Neither the writer of this article nor the wiki owns this song.

Strixie's JudgmentEdit

Oh boy, a cyromancer. Strixie has so many Sub-Zero and Cirno references ready, but she'll spare you the overused jokes. What she will say is that she can't see any connections between the Valkyries and ice. She means, what, did the Valkyries have some sort of secret weapon that was an ice god or something? Maybe Strixie's just overthinking a flat, flat character.

Overall: 3/10 - She did have a cool finisher on Carn, though! (HA! Strixie should do stand-up.)


Notes from Scottick: These are all Slush Fighters I have made up and created. Apart from Scottick, none of them are based off any real-life people. Also, please do not edit this page without Scottick's permission.

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