Commonly called as Nicko, is a bottle flipping addict. Instead of using regular stuff that has a flat bottom in order to land and achieve his all-time favorite thing, most of the things he flips now are actually stuffed with explosives and they all became his main weapon now, scammed the Blue Baddies for giving them a permanent marker, but actually it's a dynamite.

How Did NicStick Played His Role Edit

Other than making loud banging noises for flipping water bottles on a wooden table, he trickshots and randomly tosses sensitive explosives directly to NicStick's desired target. There's more.

After killing several Blues, he gets to enter the Bluish Headquarters and gets to disguise as a Blue Baddie in order to make management in the Bluish Headquarters much worse than bad. Well at some point he gets to do that, in replacement he fires blue laser shots which deals high damage from his plasma powered handgun. He can also defend himself from the other Baddies quite well and seriously damage them.

Game Description Edit

  • Throws explosives at medium range, fires laser blasts too
  • Attacks automatically

Upgrades Edit

Extended Range Edit

NicStick throws an explosive 20% further out at maximum to increase attack range.

Activate! (Manual Mode) Edit

Activates NicStick to be able to attack manually at command.

Scramble Missiles (Level 2 Ultra Attack) Edit

Explosive missiles fly through enemy defense and explodes, affecting multiple targets.


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