Solaris Stormcrusher, better known by his title One, is an orange stick figure with a creamy-yellow star mark on his right temple. He is a rookie member of the Kobayashi Roots.

Personality Edit

Despite being the most inexperienced Root, Solaris still retains a sense of confidence and pride in his abilities, especially his lightning. He's a bit of a show-off with his powers and sometimes has a tendency to treat his opponents like trash by insulting them or causing them unnecessary pain. Despite this, he is more than willing to play dirty and do whatever it takes to beat his opponent.

Solaris also has a sadistic side. If particularly humiliated by an opponent, his focus will turn from defeating the enemy to causing them more pain with his Chain Lightning powers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Telekinesis Edit

Solaris can use basic telekinesis to attack opponents. This is mainly done in the form of telekinetic punches and kicks to disrupt an enemy from afar, often interrupting their magic in the process. Solaris can also pick things up and throw them without touching them.

Chain Lightning Edit

Solaris' main ability is his Chain Lightning, a parasitic electricity that latches onto other things. With Chain Lightning, Solaris can infuse an ally's weapons, body, or magic with electricity, or deflect an opponent's attacks back at them with a shocking twist.

Like a parasite, Chain Lightning has a mind of its own. It will leap to defend Solaris if he is attacked, similar to an automatic electric barrier.

In a Slush Invaders Game Edit

If One was added into a Slush Invaders-style game, he would most likely be a boss or sub-boss to fight. Of course, he might be recruitable as well. I dunno.

Abilities as an Enemy Edit

  • Darts around the screen, intercepting and countering fighters' attacks.
  • Deals extra damage to fighters taller and larger than him.
  • Will reverse a fighter's power against themselves using Chain Lightning - he deals more counter damage to stronger attacks.
  • There is a small cooldown in between each counter; that is an opportunity to attack him.

Abilities as an Ally Edit

One would be a Standard Fighter who is most useful against fellow bosses, but is not as effective against weaker enemies such as Blues. He would attack with conventional melee punches, kicks, etc until he receives damage; then he would counter and retreat.

  • Counters nearby enemy attacks with Chain Lightning
  • Chain Lightning counterattacks have a chance to stun

Upgrades: Edit

  • Telekinetic Disruption - One obtains moderately greater range in his melee combo.
  • Unyielding Confidence - +20% damage and +20% stun time against enemies taller/larger than him.
  • Chain Lightning Barrier - Gives One an electric barrier each time he is summoned. This barrier negates the first hit on him and deals little damage to the enemy that hurt him, if the attack was a melee attack. Once this barrier disappears, One can still activate his counterattack.

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