OUT OF WATER TEAM are team based on the SpongeBob movie,Out of Water,their leader is Invincibubble

Invincibubble(StickBob Wthtpants) Edit

ayellow stickman with red tie,able to summon bubbles.the strong he blow.the more bubbles will come

SuperAwesomeness(Statrick Star) Edit

a pink caped Stick man.he can collect Ice cream and made his enemy froze and dizzy for asecond

but he often take one ice cream and eat it

sOUR Note(Sticward) Edit

a grey stickman with tone helmet on his head.his ability lies on his clarinet,able to create a fals sonic wave that able to make his enemy ear cloged cause its tone

Stick Finch-a-LOT(Steugene) Edit

he always wearing his iron crabs suit,a red iron stickcrab able to launch his hand and do a strong damage to his target,he also can boost,giving him ability to fly

Strodent(Sandy Stick) Edit

the skilled brown stickwoman.She doesn't have a super power,but has a karate style,and do a free damage

Stlank-TON(Stlankton) Edit

a green and GIANT MACHO to do massive damage and lift a weight object.

Enemy Edit

their sworn enemy is SturgerBeard ablack with long brown beard stick,who steal their ancient Sticksky Hotstick

Secret recipe for his moving restaurant,he doesnt have a power but his evil,childish,genious idea he can modified his pirate ship into a deadly pirate ship,and a moving restaurant to make and instant money,he hs a minion to,skeletons pirate.

that is out of water team

please add a image to them,and make sure that a draw is same like this picture below


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