Pablo Stickaso Edit

He is orange with a black outline. He is a painter just like Stmicheal, but he attacks with a paintball gun. He and Stmike are in seperate cages. You have to choose which one to save and the other becomes a bluish fighter that you have to save later.

Attack Edit

A steady stream of paintballs that doesn't increase the target's hight, but increases its velocity. Standard fighter.

Perks Edit

  • Increases velocity

Upgrades Edit

  • color contrast

Uses red spray paint on the first enemy grunt targeted. This turns him into a passive ally that does whatever it used to do except now for the slush fighters. You can only have one at a time and Stickaso will not use the same attack on another grunt if there is an allied grunt on the screen.

  • Splatter art

Paintballs deal small area damage and increase velocity even more.

  • Surreal world (level 3 ultra(complete firewall challenge: achieve a velocity of 300)

Changes the environment to a surreal world full of slush fighters that periodically attack big blue.

About Edit

He got into painting when he was a little kick. As he grew up, he learned about slusher wing's art program and decided to give it a try. He passed with flying colors. (Both figuratively and literally.) he was happy to join. Now he defends it from attack with the best of his powers. He even joined the Hero's Alliance .

Trivia Edit

  • His locked icon shows him trapped in a surreal world.
  • A pintball gun is just one of many tools he uses.
  • He is slightly crazy, but he's safe and nice.
  • He likes Stony and he decided to join his group.
  • He and Stmike have two seperate locked icons.
  • His first locked icon shows him in a surreal world.
  • His second locked icon shows him covered in blue paint.

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