Patstrick is the shy member of the Slush Fighters V.


Patstrick's main color is light gray with a pink outline which indicates his extreme shyness. He also has violet eyes.


Out of everyone in the Slush Fighters V., Patstrick is the least, for lack of a better word, enthusiastic about most things. This is in part due to his extreme shyness constantly hindering him from even being able to agree with his team.

He is the least capable fighter in his team because of how often he hides away during a fight and is the easiest to be taken out because of his super reluctance to fight back. Despite these obvious flaws, he tries to better himself in order to prove himself useful for his friends and struggles to overcome his weaknesses. He has sibling-like relationship with Jinxstick who is one of the people he looks up to.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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